Trauma is something that happens more often than we think. Often when we think of trauma, we tend to only imagine things that are catastrophic on the surface, but trauma can happen in small hidden ways too. People are scared to admit when they have experienced trauma, because we have been conditioned by society to think that we shouldn’t complain or that “it could have been worse”. This is a dangerous mindset to have because it prevents people from healing properly, many times causing cycles of trauma to repeat.

No Trauma Too Small works to create a space that welcomes all kinds of stories and traumas, no matter how “small”. Inspired by talk therapy and personal experience, this work book leads users on a journey towards healing. This work book includes guided journal prompts that help users identify what their trauma may be rooted in and how it may be effecting them day to day. This work book acts as a helping hand and listening ear for users who feel alone and unheard. Using mindful design strategies, it manages to welcome all audiences and provide both a tone of empathy and empowerment.

As long as we understand that we have all experienced hard things and provide validation and compassion to every story, we could all feel loved and cared for in this dark world. I hope that with the help of this work book, people could learn that they are heard, loved, and worthy of true healing.